Host Your Own Livestream

In the interest of promoting education, public awareness, amateur astronomy and astrophotography Star Chaserz invites astronomy clubs, individual astronomers and educational institutions to stream astronomy related live video, audio and chat to the Star Chaserz website.

Scheduled broadcasts plans with private viewing are available for a small annual fee. Live HD content may be viewed with any browser on the website streaming page using the provided viewer password.

Anything related to astronomy is welcome. This includes star parties,
lectures, video astronomy, solar imaging, image processing tutorials, etc.

To get started fill out the contact form on this page. Please provide a brief description of your astronomy interest and we will send you the information on how to host your own livestream with payment schedule. The paid version is only available at this time.

Starchaserz uses the free open source program OBS Studio to implement live streaming video and audio. A pre-configured portable version can be downloaded from this page.

OBS Studio quick start instructions will be provided with your stream key.

Click to learn how to use OBS Studio:

Click for Livestream Rules:

the preconfigured OBS package for *Windows.

 the OBS installer for Mac.

These downloads have been certified as virus free.

*On rare occasions you may get an error message when starting the portable OBS version saying some Microsoft runtime .dll files are missing. To fix this download and install OBS from the main website then delete it if desired. This will install the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries on your PC.

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