Livestream Rules

Livestream Rules


“In the world of Mules there are no rules” Ogden Nash.

Unfortunately in our world there are. We have tried to keep our broadcast rules as simple as possible. Mostly just common sense so everyone can enjoy the experience.

1. Keep it clean. Bad language or inappropriate chat comments, hate speech, derogatory comments etc. will not be allowed. Starchaserz reserves the right to delete content it deems inappropriate.

2. Do not broadcast content you did not create or do not own. Users will not broadcast copyrighted material: pictures, videos, music, videos of individuals or groups etc. without appropriate permission. EVER – NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Starchaserz is not responsible for the content of any broadcaster. Broadcasters are solely responsible for the content they broadcast and agree to indemnify Star Chaserz from any liability due to inappropriate broadcast content. Please stay on topic, this is an astronomy website.

4. The selling of products is not allowed.

5. Please limit free broadcast version night broadcasts to one hour unless prior arrangements are made with Star Chaserz.

6. Unless a broadcast has been scheduled for a specific date/time broadcasting is on a first come basis.

7. By using the Star Chaserz website you agree to the rules listed above.

The free streaming version has a 30 day trial period and is full featured with broadcast audio and chat. Broadcasts are on a first come first served basis and are limited to one hour in a 12 hour period. Free broadcasts will be disabled six hours before and during a scheduled broadcast. Contact Star Chaserz to receive your free Stream Key and public viewer password.

The paid version allows for scheduling broadcasts in advance with a 6 hour broadcast period to allow testing if necessary. . Contact Star Chaserz to schedule your broadcast time and receive your private Stream Key and private viewer password. We ask that scheduled broadcasters notify Star Chaserz 7 days prior to their desired broadcast date and time.