Streaming with OBS Studio

Streaming with OBS Studio

To stream HD video to the Starchaserz website you should have a minimum internet upload and download speed of 6 Mbps. Slower speeds can be used but the video quality may decrease or there may be buffering interruptions.

1. Download the preconfigured OBS Studio version on the Livestreams/Host Your Own Livestream page. This version is portable and is not installed on your PC but runs from a file folder. You will receive a quick start tutorial along with your stream key.

2. OBS Studio will allow you to capture a screen or window and broadcast a live video and audio stream to the Star Chaserz website.
Familiarize yourself with OBS Studio operation. There are many good tutorials on YouTube.

3. Select Settings in the Controls panel at lower right then select Stream then Service/Custom. Enter the Stream Key you received from Star Chaserz. The stream key will allow you to broadcast to the Star Chaserz website. You will also receive a password for your viewers so they can login to Star Chaserz Livestream to view your broadcast. Streaming video cannot be viewed by others unless they have the password.

To select the window or screen source to broadcast select Sources at the bottom of the display then select + then the source you want to broadcast. Usually Display.
If the Sources panel is not visible select View/Docs from the top menu bar. Be sure Sources, Audio Mixer and Controls are checked. Also in the Controls panel uncheck all boxes under Settings/General/Output.

4. You should see the audio panel showing activity if you have a microphone attached. Check Windows settings if you do not see activity. Audio level can be set with the level slider. It is recommended to use headphones and not speakers if monitoring your broadcast audio to avoid any echo effect.

5. To begin streaming click on Start Streaming on the Controls panel. Press again to stop streaming. If streaming is successfully connected to the server there will be a small green box at the bottom right of the display along with the stream bit rate. If the box changes to orange or red or flickers it is likely that the video bit rate is too high for your internet upload bandwidth and a lower bit rate should be tried.
NOTE: There is about a 12 second delay in the video you are streaming to when the video appears on the Star Chaserz website due to video frame buffering.

6. If you have a single monitor you can minimize OBS Studio while streaming and place your webcam or telescope camera etc. window on screen and that will be the view seen on the Star Chaserz website.

7. Please familiarize yourself with our broadcasting rules.

The preconfigured OBS Studio version usually works out of the box with default settings once you have entered the stream key and selected the video and audio source you want to stream. The information below is for fine tweaking and can be ignored initially.

If you are having difficulty getting OBS Studio working drop us an email on the contacts page and we will try to help.
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